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  • Natural flake graphite
  • Flake graphite
  • Name:Medium & High Carbon Flake Graphite
  • Model::TS1001
  • Specification:+50 mesh, +80 mesh, +100 mesh, -100 mesh, micropowder
  • Remarks:natural flake graphite
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    Carbon is a common element which exists widely in atmosphere and lithosphere in many forms.  Elemental carbon was recognized and utilized very early. Moreover, organic matter, a series of carbon compound, is the foundation of life. Carbon is one of ingredients of  hematite pig iron, wrought iron and steel. In Chemistry, it could form bulk compound by the way of self-combination, while in biology and business, carbon is one important molecule kind and most molecules in organisms contain carbon.

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Crystalline flake graphite is widely used as an essential nonmetallic mineral in almost all  industries. It has perfect crystallization, good flexibility, excellent chemical and physical properties, superior conductivity, good self-lubricity and resistance to temperature, corrosion and hot shock, and much more.


Carbon Content


  Particle Size

    32~325 mesh

Technical Properties (Special specs meeting to customers' demands):

Products Carbon Content (MIN) Moisture (MAX) Particle Size


99.5% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN


99% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN
+3298 98% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN
+3297 97% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN
+3296 96% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN
+3295 95% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN
+3294 94% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN
+3293 93% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN
+3292 92% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN
+3291 91% 0.5% +32 mesh: 80% MIN

1. high-quality refractory material or coatings in metallurgical industry

2. black lead in light industry

3. carbon brush in electronics industry

4. electrode in battery industry

5. catalyst in chemical fertilizer industry

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Address: No. 17, Kunshan Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Phone: +(86)532-85674111
Mobile: +(86)18669813376
Fax: 0532-85671999
WeChat: angdun
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