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  • Details:Properties: natural flake graphite crystal is flake in shape, big pieces or small pieces, which is formed under high pressure.
    It has perfect crystallization, thin flake with good toughness, and its floatability, lubrication and mouldability are better than other graphite. Furthermore, it is resistant to hot shock, acid, alkali, corrosion, high-temperature (In the absence of oxygen, its melting point is above 3000℃) and has good thermal and electric conductivity.
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Item: high purity graphite, high carbon graphite, medium graphite


1. particle size: 1~500μm

2. carbon content: 80~99.99%

Properties: perfect crystallization, excellent physical and chemical properties, good thermal and electric conductivity, self-lubricant, resistant to high-temperature, hot shock, corrosion.

Flake graphite is extensively applied in advanced refractories and coatings in metallurgical industry such as magnesia carbon brick, crucible, stabilizers for pyrotechnic materials in military industry, desulfurizer for smelting industry, pencil refills in light industry, carbon brushes in electrical industry, electrodes in battery industry, catalyst additives in chemical fertilizer industry, and etc. Through deep processing of flake graphite, we could produce graphite emulsion, used for lubricant, mold release agent, wire drawing agent, conductive coating, etc. We could also produce expandable graphite, applied as raw material of flexible graphite such as flexible graphite seals and flexible graphite composite products.

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Address: No. 17, Kunshan Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Phone: +(86)532-85674111
Mobile: +(86)18669813376
Fax: 0532-85671999
WeChat: angdun
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