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Analysis of nano graphite powder and its agglomeration

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The nano graphite powder is graphite pulverized into graphite powder particles by an ultrafine pulverizer, and the graphite powder of the graphite powder particles passing through the nano sized sieve is nano graphite powder. The nano-graphite powder has a particle size of nanometer.
Nano-graphite is prepared by special process method with high purity, small uniform particle size and high surface activity. It can be fully applied in coatings and resins. After surface treatment of nano-graphite, it can solve the problem of dispersion and overcome the phenomenon of nano-powder agglomeration. .

Nano-graphite powder is used in high lubrication, high conductivity, high adsorption and catalytic performance, chemical industry, steel lubrication, aerospace, lubricants and other fields. Particle size index: D100 <1000 nm, D50 <400 nm, carbon content (98-99-99.9-99.99%). Nano-graphite forms a chemically bonded tough, almost indestructible nano-graphite on the metal surface. A large amount of nano-graphite is suspended in the lubricating oil, which reduces friction, reduces friction, seals self-lubricating, and can also be used in motorcycles, locomotives, and ships. Ideal solid lubricant.
The agglomeration and dispersion of nano-graphite powder is determined by its surface structure and morphology. The surface structure and morphology of nano-graphite are related to internal structure, surface adsorption and chemical reaction, preparation process and environmental status lamp, which leads to nano-graphite. Reunion and dispersion to remember the diversity of complexity. Our company has found that high specific surface area and modified surface can make nano-graphite strongly adsorb foreign matter to react into a new surface structure, which increases the interaction between surface and surface activity is the root cause of nano-graphite agglomeration.
Therefore, we added a dispersant to surface modification of nano-graphite powder, so that the attraction between the bodies becomes repulsive force and becomes an effective measure to prevent powder agglomeration. The following four points can be used to guide the direction of modification and the choice of dispersant: 1. Prevent or eliminate the generation of surface hydroxyl layer: 2. Improve the repellency between powders, increase the distance between powders, and reduce the interaction between hydroxyl layers. Force: 3. Shield or wrap the hydroxyl layer to avoid the interaction of the hydroxyl layer between the powders: 4. Reduce the generation and introduction of electrolytes, etc.

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