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Use of high purity graphite

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The company's business philosophy "Quality wins the market, integrity creates the brand, technology wins the trust, service creates the future", has always been the company's business philosophy and the pursuit of the goal. We will, as always, serve the vast number of new and old customers with good reputation. The company has won the title of excellent refractory supplier, quality supplier and excellent flame retardant material supplier.
High-purity graphite powder is a kind of high-carbon graphite powder. Its purity of carbon is high, impurities such as ash and trace elements are few. High-carbon flake graphite powder is used as raw material for production. Graphite powder with carbon content of 99.9% means High-purity graphite powder, high-purity graphite powder with a carbon content of 99.9% or more has a good use in industrial conductive fields.

High-purity graphite powder is also produced by natural scale flake graphite through one step, one step of pulverization and purification. Only when the carbon content is raised to a certain standard, high-purity graphite powder is produced, and high-purity graphite powder is contained. The carbon content reaches 99.9% to meet the standard. The carbon content of Huatai high-purity graphite powder is above 99.9%. The high-purity graphite powder 99.9 refers to the high-purity graphite powder with 99.9% carbon content, and the high-purity graphite powder 99.92 refers to carbon. The amount is 99.92%, and so on, this is a common sense of high-purity graphite, high-purity graphite powder 99.9 which is also a standard of high-purity graphite powder, high-purity graphite powder application is very good in industrial conductive field.

Graphite powder has high content of elemental carbon and few chemical components and impurities. High-purity graphite powder has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good lubricity, chemical stability and wear resistance. High-purity graphite powder is widely used. Metallurgy, electronics, chemical, machinery, electrode industry. Among them, the graphite powder used in the atomic energy industry and the automobile industry must be high-purity graphite powder with a carbon content of 99.9% or more, as long as the high-purity graphite powder has a carbon content of 99.9%, and the high-purity graphite powder is used in the industry. The best results can be achieved by applying in various fields.

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