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Henan found large graphite mine

Issuing time:2018-12-10 Popularity:874

According to Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, December 9 (Reporter Liu Jinhui) The reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources that the first geological exploration institute of the bureau recently explored a large-scale graphite mine in Luanchuan County, Henan Province, and a single mineral resource. The reserves have reached a new high in Henan Province, with a graphite resource of 14.8155 million tons.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Geological Exploration Institute, through the census work, five ore layers and six ore bodies are delineated in the area. The ore type is mainly graphite slanted gneiss type, and the deposit type is sedimentary metamorphism. The census area is located on the graphite metallogenic belt of the Dagouyan Formation in Luanchuan County. The expert group assessed that the amount of mineral resources in the zone with potential resources can reach hundreds of millions of tons, which will become an important graphite mining base in China.
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