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How to measure the conductivity of graphite powder

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Graphite powders are highly conductive. The conductivity of graphite powder is an important factor in the conductive finished product of graphite powder. There are many factors affecting the conductivity of conductive graphite powder, such as the ratio of graphite powder, external pressure, environmental humidity, humidity and even light. Generally, the conductivity of graphite powder can be measured in the following ways:

1, voltammetric resistance

Specific method: use a small measuring instrument with a small precision range, or a multimeter with a resistance multimeter to measure the contrast test. You use a small light bulb to see its conductivity according to the brightness. If the light bulb is brighter, the smaller the resistance.

2. Measurement of conductivity of conductive graphite powder by resin method

Buy some conductive paint resin, add the same amount of conductive graphite powder, and then apply it on a board to measure its conductivity with a digital multimeter.

3. Some other factors in measuring the electrical resistivity of conductive graphite powder

The conductivity changes with external factors and is sensitive. The early microphones were made of graphite powder because the vibration of the sound changed the conductivity between the graphite powders and changed the current to produce an analog signal. As you can imagine, you need to test the experimental environment requirements of his conductivity.

The conductive effect of graphite powder is an important factor in making conductive products, so it is very important to measure the conductivity of graphite powder.

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