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French guests visiting the company

Issuing time:2018-07-16     Popularity:1160

With the rapid development of the company's business and the continuous improvement of the company's products, the company's products are also expanding the influence of the international market, and attracted the attention of many foreign customers. Recently, French customers came to visit our company to further understand our strength and to conduct on-the-spot inspection of the company's production links and production capacity.

In this visit of French customers, let foreign customers further understand the strength of our company. The company leader warmly received customers and had a detailed discussion with customers on various kinds of products. Then the customers visited the company's production process. The customers praised us in many ways. In this case, the customers also praised our company's production status, production capacity, equipment quality and technical level. Absolutely.

Through this visit, the two sides reached a long-term cooperation intention. The customers expressed their pleasure in visiting our company and thanked us for our warm and thoughtful reception. They were deeply impressed by our good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and the latest technology of equipment. This visit not only strengthens the communication between our company and foreign customers, but also lays a solid foundation for further internationalization of Shandong Shuangyu Carbon Co., Ltd.'s products, including natural flake graphite, expanded graphite and micro-powder graphite. At the same time, it also highlights the quality control of our products and promotes our progress. The military international market has taken a bigger step.

After the customer visits the factory, he waits for the customer to experience the pleasure of flying the aircraft in Qingdao Helicopter Training Center.

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